Wein Time

Last weekend I had a very lovely dinner at Blossom on Carmine in the Village. Because I was out for a rare night with girlfriends, I decided to splurge on a glass of wine. And because I’m me, I went for the closest I could get to German wine: an Austrian Blauer Zweigelt.

The waitress mentioned that many people avoid ordering that wine because the don’t know how to pronounce it — I of course felt no such apprehension!

The blauer part of the name means blue, and the Zweigelt is named after the creator of this particular blend, Dr. Friedrich Zweigelt. You can read more about the history of Zweigelt wines here. The most-produced red grape variety in Austria!
I don’t know much about wine, really, but the Blauer Zweigelt was smooth, not too acidic, and a little fruity. It was good, and that’s what matters.

That and getting to speak a little German, even if only two words.


blau – blue